The Essenta Executive Search proposition is grounded in process excellence and focused on finding the best possible leaders in the market for our clients.

Given the investment in time, resource and money, companies should expect a consistently rigorous approach to executive talent identification, assessment and acquisition.

All stakeholders are fully aligned with the search strategy and documentation agreed and signed off.

The target search market is thoroughly researched to ensure calibre and diversity objectives are met, with no shortcuts or assumptions made.

The research is constantly calibrated with the client to ensure alignment and accuracy.

The best candidates are rigorously assessed and profiled against the functional and leadership requirements.

Reporting is regular, detailed, transparent and insightful.

Well-qualified, motivated and attainable candidates are shortlisted to ensure the successful appointment of a brilliant and talented leader.

Our Approach

  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Search strategy sign-off
  • Thorough market research
  • Constant calibration
  • Transparent reporting
  • Detailed assessment
  • Attainable shortlist
  • Leadership talent appointment
  • Successful onboarding