As talent management and succession planning strategies become ever more sophisticated and embedded, companies are constantly striving to compete for brilliant leaders. Essenta’s Talent Advisory services are designed to help our clients gain greater insight into and access to the external talent landscape, staying ‘ahead of the talent curve’.

Essenta’s leadership Talent Advisory services proactively address our clients’ talent challenges, such as succession gaps, leadership calibre, diversity objectives and flight risks, across functions, levels and geographies. Executed well, Essenta’s talent advisory services reduce the reactive responses to executive departures and compromised hiring decisions.
Our pragmatic and results-oriented approach researches and analyses the target external talent population. Essenta generates highly impactful insights and comparisons that inform our clients’ talent strategies. We map and populate talent pools; generate targeted talent pipelines; share talent market intelligence; and advise clients’ succession strategies.


  • Talent mapping
  • Talent pipelining
  • Talent market insight
  • Leadership assessment
  • Executive career advisory